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MR-G Mogul Ski

MR-G Mogul Ski

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The construction of the MR-G Mogul ski uses a the CS sandwich construction along with a cracked edge (segmented edge) to bring you more flex and spring in the ski.

G stands for "Grown Up" - this ski is usually favoured by mogul athletes as a step up from the MR D development ski, getting more serious about their mogul skiing with a firmer flex pattern than the MR D, however stronger fast growing teenagers with more aggressive skiing characteristics may feel comfortable jumping straight to the MR G from the MR J or MR S. 

Mogul skiers will feel a dampening of vibration with the MR-G. The MR-G offers a 95-62-85 side cut profile. You'll appreciate the additional flex and vibration dampening that comes with the MR-G.

The MR G is currently the ski of choice for top Australian mogul athletes and is favoured by mogul coaches. 

●Structure: CS sandwich
●Sole: Sintered
●Structure Top Sheet
●Segmented Stainless Steel Edges
●3 Sizes: 95-62-85mm
●Radius: 168/19.7m 173/21.1m
●Sizes: 168cm・173cm・178cm
●Color: White / White Ice Green / Navy
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