ID One Ethos & Product Information


snow tree

Every ID one ski is born from passion and forged from the spiritual serenity of the snow laden mountains. The company was inspired to craft the best possible skis using exceptional materials and unsurpassed Japanese craftsmanship. ID one have proudly made premium quality skis for over 15 years and by doing so have helped many athletes win Olympic and World Cup gold medals.

The brand name ID one has powerful significance.  "ID" means identity and "one" means the singularity and the originality of yourself. One also means the pusuit of perfection, of being the best. ID one want you to find and express the uniqueness of their product and your skiing self through their skis. A sentiment that is both refreshing and admirable. Passion and quality. 


Product Information

Mogul Ski Edges:
All ID one mogul skis have premium quality stainless steel edges. Some models have a traditional seamless edge and others with a segmented or "cracked edge". The MR-J, MR-D, MR-G, MR-CE models have segmented edges which have microscopic cuts in the steel that facilitates optimal flex and performance in a mogul ski for lighter, developing skiers. The MR-SG and MR-G1 models have a seamless edge that delivers the optimal flex and performance for a more experienced / heavier and aggressive skier.